mission statement

We strive to empower individuals to achieve their highest health potential, support community health through education, and enable organizations to optimize the health of their members.


We at HCLMC treat the person, not just symptoms

 The healthcare professionals at HCLMC are part of a movement to shift patient care from a disease-care system to a healthcare system focused on treating the person, not just symptoms. 

We believe that people are more than their numbers – their blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure. 

Health is a culmination of everything happening in a person's  life: their lifestyle, emotions, psychosocial dynamics, socio-economic situation, belief systems and more. 

At HCLMC, we factor all of these aspects of a patient’s life into their care and create an individualized treatment plan.

This is not alternative medicine. This is conventional medicine based on rigorous scientific evidence. We believe that this is how medicine should be practiced by everyone. At the end of the day, we want to be just known as good doctors–nothing more, nothing less.